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Kushner also thought that getting Trump to support Strange would improve his own tenuous standing with Republican leaders in the Senate, according to several allies of Bannon. “He’s going to need them if things go south in the Russia investigation,” one explained.

Others simply didn’t get what her music was about, dismissing it as so much hippy twaddle. As the normally on-point Richard Cook writes in his Jazz Encyclopedia , "Her albums of her own music often come across as soft-headed and incoherent rambling… one wonders if she would have enjoyed any attention at all if she had remained plain Alice McCleod."

The story is awkwardly told through decoded flashbacks, and it can move a little too quickly to get its point across. However, the hammy writing aside, it does have some surprisingly human moments, and winds up being more engaging than you may be expecting. That’s not to say it’s going to win any awards, but the way characters interact – especially given that it all takes place in virtual reality – is fairly impressive.

Push - Strange World (Into The Sky)Push - Strange World (Into The Sky)Push - Strange World (Into The Sky)Push - Strange World (Into The Sky)